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“Show, don’t tell.” That’s a key component of most good writing. In keeping with that, here are some samples of my work.

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Radiant Solutions

Sleep tight and we’ll do the rest

Radiant Solutions wants you to feel safe and comfortable in your own home. We know that a bed bug infestation can undermine the very feelings that make home feel like home. Just the thought of bed bugs can make it hard to sleep well at night. It’s our mission to ensure that you can rest easy, secure in the knowledge that every last creepy crawly critter is gone.

Our heat treatment will:

  • Kill the bed bugs in your house, in any of the bugs’ seven stages of their lifecycle

  • Be completely safe for you, your family, your pets, your house, and your belongings

  • Let you get back into your house on the same day we do the treatment

Moonrise Design

Moonrise Offers Every Web Design Service Under The Sun

You want a beautiful and responsive custom website? We’d love to make that for you. You need a secure and professional storefront to conduct your ecommerce? We can build that, too. You want to grab a top spot in the search rankings to maximize traffic? Let’s make it happen.

Our team includes talented graphic artists, flexible programmers, and SEO gurus. We can build anything from simple websites to complex social networks and web applications. We cover every detail from logo design to mobile browser optimization. We’ll even get you up and running with our reliable hosting solutions. The website you need is the one we want to build.

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Friedkin Realty Group Listings

Lakeview Village

Snuggled in the community of Rancho San Diego, Lakeview Village features everything you need and provides convenient access to everything you want. The property includes two resort-style pools, a pair of spas, a tennis court, dog park, children’s playground, business center and fully-equipped fitness center. With more than two parking spaces per residence and easy access to several freeways and interstate highways, you’ll have no problem getting to San Diego, the Inland Empire, Los Angeles and Orange Counties. Even closer is the Rancho San Diego Towne Center, which offers numerous shopping, dining and entertainment options. Not to be outdone by the surroundings, each Lakeview Village residence features a beautiful modern kitchen complete with breakfast bar, central heating and air, full-size washer and dryer, large closets and a balcony or patio with even more storage.

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Poker Player Bill of Rights

From superusers to colluders, from shady sites to greedy governments, poker players are constantly at risk of being cheated, swindled, and defrauded. While intelligent players look out for themselves and each other, not everyone has access to enough information to keep safe. There should be an organization keeping an eye on these things, allowing players to focus on playing.

Before an organization can fight for our rights, we first must establish what those rights are. To this end, I have drafted a Poker Player Bill of Rights. I have defined and explained each right below, and followed that with an assessment of where we currently stand on protecting these rights.


Travis d’Arnaud, Taylor Teagarden,
and The Hangover III, Part 2

In the prequel to this article, I wrote about Travis d’Arnaud’s demotion from the New York Mets to the Las Vegas 51s. He had been hitting like a butterfly in the majors, while Taylor Teagarden had been mashing the ball in the minors. I speculated that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but then Taylor Teagarden made me look foolish by poking an opposite field grand slam in his first start with the Mets.

d’Arnaud went on to murder the ball in Las Vegas, hitting 6 home runs, 8 doubles, and 10 singles in just 59 plate appearances. That’s 24 hits in 15 games. To put that in perspective, d’Arnaud has 24 hits in 40 games with the Mets this season. And he hit with much more power in Vegas than he’s shown at the major league level. Much more power. All told, his stint in the minors produced a ridiculous 1.384 OPS.


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