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I love to write

I have experience in a wide range of forms, and I enjoy writing about new things in new ways. Below is a list of services I offer, along with my typical rates. Most projects will fall between the high and the low end, but there may be exceptions.

This is not an exhaustive list. If you are looking for a writing service which is not covered below, tell me what you have in mind. I’m sure we can work something out.

Copy Editing

Your website is critical to your brand. I work with you, crafting concise copy with a light touch, to ensure that your site says exactly what you want it to. We’ll make everything search-engine friendly to maximize your traffic.

Full Website

Whether you’re a large company building a full-scale website or an individual composing a small site like mine, I can write the words that say precisely what you want to say. You give me the information and I mold it into tight, action-inspiring content. I typically charge between $500 and $2500, depending on scope and style.

Single Webpage

If you just need a new page or two for your old site, I can do that. Maybe you want crisper copy on your home page, or you’re a person or band looking to punch up your bio. My rates for a single page range from $50 to $300, based primarily on degree of difficulty.

Effective marketing copy is like a punch in the face. It cuts to the point and hits hard. A good story can be an effective sales tool, and a carefully worded slogan will stick in your customers’ minds. I’d like to tell the world what your products can do for them.


From pamphlets to flyers, I write words that sell your product or service. I can base my copy on your established strategy or brand, or create an angle of my own. Difficulty and scope vary greatly, so my rates range from $200 to $1500.

Email or Direct Mail

Your message needs to grab attention, communicate significance, and provoke action. It needs to do all of this from the first line through the last. My rates for email and direct mail copy fall between $300 and $500.

Product Description

If you need descriptions of your products, services, or real estate listings, I can do that on a per-item basis. I charge between $30 and $100 apiece.

You may already have the words to express what you mean, but they don’t feel perfect. I can help you separate the lightning from the lightning bug, spinning your words into punchier phrases. I retain the services of a full-time proofreader, and I do copy editing myself as well as full-scale editing.


When you have your material written up, but you’re unhappy with the structure and unsure of the presentation, what you need is full-scale editing. I do this myself, making comprehensive suggestions on structure, strategy, and approach. I’ll show you what works and what doesn’t, as well as how to highlight the strong points and rework the weak ones. I will edit anything, from marketing copy to fiction or non-fiction manuscripts, so I provide quotes on an individual basis.

Copy Editing

They say that writing is rewriting. Copy editing is where your great idea can become a perfectly executed one. If you’re happy with the structure of your material but unhappy with your word choice, I will go through your document and suggest improvements wherever your copy leaves something to be desired. My rates depend on number of words and quality of writing.


Every written word deserves a second set of eyes. I run everything I write through a full-time proofreader. She has decades of experience and does an excellent job. If you want the peace of mind that comes from knowing your copy is mistake-free, I will give you a quote for the job.

Whether you’re looking for someone to write blogs, articles, or a book of any length, I enjoy writing original content about almost every subject. I can work credited or uncredited (as a ghostwriter).

Books and Booklets

I have written a number of books, some of them as collaborative efforts. If you have a book or booklet that you’d like to have written, but you’re not sure how to actually write it, I can help you with that. You supply the idea, I create the product. Rates are highly variable, depending upon desired length, amount of research, and whether or not I receive a writing credit and/or royalties.


If you need articles for your website or publication, I have experience writing on a variety of subjects. I typically charge between $100 and $500 per article.


I’ve been blogging regularly for the past six years. I have many areas of expertise, including writing, teaching, poker, martial arts, yoga, sports, music, movies, and television. I enjoy writing about all of these things as well as researching less-familiar topics. I can write guest blogs or ghost blogs, depending on your specific needs. $50 to $150 per blog post.

What Can I Do For You?

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